Play Song: Shine On

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I hope you've enjoyed learning and playing this song and that it's been helpful to try using all these new chord shapes and techniques within a larger context. I come up with these songs for our lessons, but anytime you learn something new you can use the same concept by coming up with a practice song on your own. You don't have to write lyrics and melodies, but simply combining some chords and techniques in your own way is incredibly useful. Especially when you mix the stuff you know really well with the stuff you just learned.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
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Play Song: Shine On By Anders Mouridsen

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Questions & Answers

I guess this question could be for any lesson but in this one particularly I am having a lot of trouble with changing to the Dsus4 in the chorus and playing it correctly. I realize that some are harder than others and it takes time. Do you recommend staying with a particular lesson like this one until I get it right or to move on to the next lesson and come back to a previous one later? Thanks! 4 months ago
Mike Olekshy 4 months ago

Thanks for your question! It's okay to move on from the lesson, but the change to the Dsus4 is a common change, so I would continue to practice this in your practice routine. Just 3-5 mins per practice session on this change - playing it nice and slow over and over, should yeild some good progress. Keep at it!

I've noticed that in the previous lesson, the second verse is repeated (the sequence of 2 bars of G, 2 bars of C, 2 bars of A7 and 2 bars of D7 is played twice after the first chorus). In this lesson, however, the second verse is not repeated (the aforementioned sequence is only played once after the first chorus, and jumps straight to the second chorus next instead of being played again). Why is that? 9 months ago
Josh Workman 9 months ago

Hi, thanks for getting in touch. I watched both videos and it appears that the verse after the first chorus is only one time through the chord sequence in both. I am still going to pass along your message to the GT staff.