Learn Song: Spice It Up

Now it's time to try out our new embellishments in a little song. For the intro we'll start with A minor and we'll strum a confident whole note. Then we'll lift off our index finger and do it again. Repeat both of those, and that'll be our intro.

For the main section of our song we'll start on a C major chord and we'll do the basic chord first for 1 bar with our new strumming pattern. Then we'll add our pinky for 1 bar. Back to the basic chord for 2 bars.

Next up we'll go to a D minor chord and the same embellishments work for the D minor chord as we used on the D major chord.

And finally we'll reuse our intro as the outro.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Chord Embellishments
Any Style
Learn Song: Spice It Up song notation

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Questions & Answers

I was watching this video and the ones before it in this section...I feel like I've missed something. He is now doing totaly different things finger positioning for the "D" chords in this video than he did for the "D Major Embellishments"??? 3 months ago
Mike Olekshy 3 months ago

Hello - thanks for your question. Yes, in the previous lesson, Anders was demonstrating the embellishments you can do with a D Major chord. However, in the practice song "Spice It Up", he's using a D Minor chord. That chord shape uses a different fingering because the note on the high E string is an F note which is fretted at the 1st fret. For D major, you fret the F# note at the 2nd fret of the high string. Hope this helps!