Play Song: Road Trippin'

Now it's time to play through our song with the band. I highly encourage you to just watch and listen a few times before you start playing along yourself.

Congrats on playing your very first song with multiple sections. I hope it makes sense how they all function together, and I'm sure you felt how fun it is to play a riff within a song. For the verse and the chorus we're most often trying to blend in with the band and support the vocals, but when the riff comes we get to take center stage, and that's always a cool feeling.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Rock Riff #1
Any Style
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Play Song: Road Trippin' By Anders Mouridsen

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Questions & Answers

3 months ago
Hi there! Actually, quite unexpectedly experiencing difficulties with sliding powers in chorus, so IMHO it should be marked as at least second level of difficulty 😅. Still, I'm absolutely in love with the way, you are presenting material. I'm looking forward to nailing my slides and see what's in the next levels :)
Mike Olekshy 3 months ago

Hello - thanks so much for your kind words and suggestion. Yes indeed, the slides are a bit challenging at first. Keep at it!! In the meantime, I'll forward your suggestion to admin.

4 months ago
I'd also just like to say this was a really cool section and things really felt like they were coming together being able to play along to this!
Mike Olekshy 4 months ago

Hello - thanks so much for the kind words! I'm glad you are feeling like it's all coming together and that you could play along with it! Keep at it!