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Impatience & Frustration

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First let's talk about one of the first things to try, when you're having a hard time with something, preferably before you get really frustrated.

Let's say you're trying to play something that you thought would be easy and now it's proving to be difficult. This happens all the time. This often makes us frustrated and as we get more and more stubborn we also get more and more tired. Your tired fingers and mind makes it even harder, which in turn makes us even more frustrated. Maybe you give up in frustration at this point or maybe you get even more stubborn.

The earlier in this downward spiral you can take a break the better. Put down your guitar and go for a walk or drink a glass of water. Give your fingers and your mind a break. It's great to be persistent, but after a while it's diminishing returns.

If your fingers don't know how to do something, or your mind keeps forgetting how something goes, no amount of anger or frustration is going to make it better. In fact, quite the opposite.

So the first thing to do is to take a break!

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Impatience & Frustration