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Impatience & Frustration

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It's very common to wonder if it's okay to skip a lesson that's giving you a hard time, so let's talk about how to approach that. Let's say that you've taken lots of breaks and tried multiple times to master the thing that you thought would be easy and yet it's proving very difficult. What do we do now?

Of course you want to put some real effort into all of the examples, especially the hard ones, but that being said I do think it's much better to move on to the next tutorial rather than getting stuck on something hard, burning out and losing motivation.

What I do recommend though is that you still watch through the whole of the tutorial, rather than just skipping it altogether. This is so that you know what I'm talking about in case I refer back to it later.

It's quite possible that you'll end up learning the technique through some of the later examples and if it keeps being limiting and frustrating that you're missing that certain technique, you can always come back to the tutorial later on.

I'll be talking more about this in a later lesson, but I believe the best thing you can do for your guitar practice is to stay in a positive, determined headspace and that sometimes requires you stray from the path.

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Impatience & Frustration