Adding One More Chord

Now it's time to throw in one more chord. We'll still start with two bars of E minor and then go to A minor for one bar then straight to C major for 1 bar.

So we have two bars of E minor, one bar of A minor, and then one bar of C. After that the whole thing repeats. Let's apply the strumming pattern.

We've already practiced the open string transition going from E minor to A minor. But what do we do now with our easy transition from A minor to C, where we only move one finger? You don't have to do this open string trick if it's more comfortable the other way. Personally I prefer to still do the open strum, but only with the finger I'm going to move.

Or you can do the full strum of the open strings and just keep your fingers right above the same fret ready to land again. Try out the different options and see what feels best to you.

Finally we'll end on an E minor chord that we let ring.

Let's try this together. I'll do the one-bar count-in and then we'll start. As always you're more than welcome to just watch and listen a few times before playing along yourself.

Anders Mouridsen
Instructor Anders Mouridsen
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Adding One More Chord song notation