Basic Blues Riff #1

First let's break down the simplest version of our classic blues riff.

First we'll play the 2nd fret of the A-string with our index finger. Then we'll play the 4th fret with our ring finger. Now we'll alternate between those two, It makes it easier for the right hand if you can mute the D-string with your index finger.

Next up we're going to include the open E-string in our right hand for every note we pick. Let's leave it at this for now, and then we'll build on it in the next lessons.

Now let's practice our new riff together a couple of times really slowly.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Blues Riff #1
Any Style
Basic Blues Riff #1 song notation

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Questions & Answers

Why is this so hard but it doesnt appear to be? 1 month ago
Mike Olekshy 2 days ago

Hello and thanks so much for your question! Yes, any new material can be much more difficult to play than it looks. Go slow with it, and keep at it!