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Learning Note Names

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Now it's time to show you how you can use all of this new knowledge to find the name of any note, anywhere on the fretboard, which is infinitely useful for so many reasons.

I'll show you how it works, and please don't worry if it's still a little confusing by the end of this. This is your very first introduction to a huge topic, so we'll keep coming back to this along the way and I promise it'll all makes sense eventually!

Congrats on making it through your very first music theory tutorial! Don't worry if it hasn't all clicked fully yet. Some of these things you'll need to hear and see many times before you start to fully understand how it's all connected. You probably have a million questions right and that's a great thing, because we'll get to all of it along the way. For now, just be proud that you've learned your first bit of music theory and essentially opened the door to learning all the names of the notes, all over the fretboard, which is a huge first step on the journey. Have fun with it!

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Learning Note Names