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Learning Note Names

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Now let's talk about the only tricky thing you need to remember, before you'll be able to figure out the name of any note, anywhere on the fretboard.

In the previous lesson we talked about how to name the half steps in between two notes of the major scale like A and B. Now you might think that we would know all the notes, by simply going up the alphabet and adding a sharp after every letter. And that is almost the case in you keep in mind two important exceptions.

There are two places in the major scale where we don't go up a whole step, but only a half step. If you start on our A-note here and go up the scale, you'll see that between B and C, we don't have a fret in between them. So there's no B# it just goes straight to C. And the same thing once you get up to E and F. So there's no E#, it just straight from E to F.

To help us remember these two exceptions we'll use the phrase 'Big Cats Eat Fish'.

If you've ever taken a look at the keys of a piano, you may remember that there isn't a black key for every single white key. In fact, there are two places where this happens: Between B and C, and E and F. Big Cats Eat Fish.

This is going to be important later on, but for now let's make it into a song.

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Learning Note Names