I hope this tutorial has made you feel well acquainted or reacquainted with your guitar and that you're ready to start building on this basic knowledge. It only goes up from here! You may have some burning questions and be wondering if you're even doing it right, but just stick with me and I'm confident it'll all fall into place a little at a time, as we move through the course. Just you remember to have fun with it and be patient with fingers and be patient with yourself.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Tuning And Playing Notes
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Questions & Answers

7 months ago
As a beginner, should I use a plectrum or a finger to pluck the guitar string? Why some acoustic player using a plectrum while others are not for ringing the strings?
Josh Workman 6 months ago

I would say to use whichever you feel comfortable with at first, to keep it fun for you. Then, when you have momentum with your practice going, try adding in the other technique, so you have options.

9 months ago
Hey guys:-) I notice when I play on my acuistic and I'm following along here when I lift my finger from one string to the next I get a sound, like a second note. Does not happen on the electric as much. How do I clean lift my fingers as to not get the second sound? As I'm lifting off the strings.
Josh Workman 9 months ago

I imagine what's happening is that you're accidentally doing a "pull off," where a finger goes slightly sideways and essentially plucks the open string that you just lifted your finger from. Acoustic guitar strings generally have more tension, so this makes sense that it would happen more often on that guitar. Make sure you fingers lift straight up and not to the side. You can also experiment with quickly muting the strings with either hand, depending on the situation. Here's a tutorial on what I mean: