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Blues Riff #2

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First let's break down the new riff and talk about how it's used. This riff is in the key of E, and it all takes place on the low E-string. I'm going to play it a couple of times and see if you can spot what I'm doing. Maybe you noticed that I'm starting with the open E-string, and then going 5th fret to 3rd fret. And I'm using my ring finger and my index finger.

Maybe you noticed and maybe you didn't that the rhythmic feel is a little different from before, but try not to focus too much on that right now. Just focus on the music of it, and follow me.

This riff is often used in blues songs, where the band plays the riff and then the singer tells the story in the space between the riffs. In some songs, that's all that happens in the whole song, and it can be super powerful.

Now let's practice our new riff together a couple of times really slowly.

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Blues Riff #2