Strumming Exercise

Now that we've explored a few ways to work on your single note technique, let's come up with an exercise that can help you work on your strumming technique.

A lot of guitar players love these kinds of exercises because it enables them to focus exclusively on the technical aspects of it all, meaning they don't have to worry about sounding good or making sense musically. For those players that's liberating and productive!

Other players need their exercises to sound good to find the motivation and that's okay too. There's nothing wrong with using actual scales or melodies to practice these things either, but it is helpful to remember that you always have the option of stripping away the need to sound good and purely giving your fingers a workout.

Personally, I love to use these kinds of exercises to warm up before a concert, or to simply get some extra practice time while I'm watching a movie or a TV show. Have fun with it!

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Fun Finger Exercises
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Strumming Exercise song notation

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