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Is It Me? Or Is It My Guitar?

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In all these lessons I use my steel string acoustic, but it's entirely possible that some of you play a nylon string guitar, like the one I'm holding here, also called a classical guitar.

As soon as you put your hands on a classical guitar you feel that the neck is much wider than on most other guitars. This can be nice for playing chords, because there's more physical space for your fingertips. But for people with smaller hands, that can be harder.

It's not worse or better, it's just a matter of finding out which one is best for you. And maybe you find that you like one guitar for playing a certain technique and another guitar for another technique. And that's how people end up with many guitars.

For me, personally, I find that the nylon strings are very forgiving and easy to work with when it comes to finger picking, for example, where the steel strings are much less forgiving. But I do love how the steel strings sound, when I get it right, so that's just a matter of preference.

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Is It Me? Or Is It My Guitar?