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The Minor Pentatonic Scale

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It's not surprising at all if the whole concept of improvising is still a bit confusing to you. But if that's the case, then chances are you just think it's more complicated than it really is.

Congrats on playing your very first improvised guitar solo! Maybe you're already super comfortable coming up with ideas on the spot or maybe you're one of the many who have a harder time just trying some notes and seeing what happens. And if that's the case that's perfectly okay too. You don't have to be a great improviser to play guitar and in fact not all of the greatest guitar solos are improvised. Some of them were planned out ahead of time. But that being said, improvising is a really fun thing to try even if you never do it in front of anyone else. So, I highly encourage you to be fearless and as always have fun with it!

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The Minor Pentatonic Scale