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Extending The Major Scale

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Now it's time to review and combine all the different pieces of this song.

It's perfectly okay right now to play it all with downstrokes like we've been doing until now, but if you're hungry for an extra challenge, then you can try using some upstrokes in your right hand. The best way to go about this is to use all downstrokes except for when you sing 'happy'. Every time we have the word 'happy' we'll do a down, then up. Everything else is downstrokes.

The cool thing about the upstrokes really shows when you play the melody a little faster. Cause at that point it can sound and feel somewhat uncomfortable to do downstrokes in a row. It's actually more work than just hitting the string on the way back up. But if you prefer to play all the notes with downstrokes I'm fairly confident the birthday-person won't mind.

Let's practice the whole melody together really slowly. Remember to come in on beat 3. Feel free to just watch and listen before you start playing along yourself. Then after we practiced it slowly, let's try a proper performance of it. So pretend like you have a captive audience in front of you, and let's try to perform it the best we can.

I hope you've had fun with this melody. I know it's not exactly rock'n'roll we're playing yet, but you have to start somewhere, and you're learning so much more than just these melodies right now. You're learning scale patterns that can be used for thousands of songs, single note technique and left and right hand coordination. And it's both more fun and productive to work on all that within a melody that you know!

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Extending The Major Scale