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Extending The Major Scale

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Now it's time to put our extended major scale pattern to work by playing a melody that I'm almost certain you'll recognize. I'm guessing you'll realize that it's 'Happy Birthday To You'. The lyrics can actually help you remember how it goes. Even if you don't sing it out loud, just think of the words and the melody and it'll help you remember the phrase.

Let's start with the first two phrases and then we'll finish the melody in the next lessons. One thing that's tricky about this melody is that we don't count to 4 like you're used to. Instead we only count to 3, like this. When we count to three instead of four, it gets that waltz feel. The other tricky thing is that the melody comes in on beat 3. So you'll only hear me count 1-2 and then we'll start.

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Extending The Major Scale