Now let's use our new riff in a song. The song we'll play has two sections, and the first section is called a verse. If we look at a typical song structure we'd start with the riff that you just learned. If you think of our song like going on a road trip – the riff is revving the engine of the car in the driveway.

After that the vocals will come in with a section that's called a verse, and if we stick with our road trip metaphor, the verse would be cruising down the highway. If it's a song with lyrics, this is typically where the singer will set up the story or the mood of the song. For our verse part we'll use our two-note power chords and we'll start on our C power chord here and we'll do all 8th note down strokes for 3 bars. Then we'll move down one fret to B and do the same thing for 2 bars. Then down another fret to B-flat and do the same thing for 2 bars. Finally we'll go down one more fret to A and do the same thing for 2 bars.

Now let's practice the verse together. I'll count us in and then we'll play through it slowly.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Rock Riff #1
Any Style
Verse song notation

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