Moving Blues Riff To A

Now it's time to try playing this same riff in a different key, which will be incredibly useful going forward. Until now we've played the blues riff on the E- and the A-string. Now let's try and move our fretted notes up to the D-string. And then instead of the low E-string ringing open we'll use the open A-string.

This is pretty tricky for your picking hand at first, but again it helps to make sure your fretting hand index finger is muting the G-string. If you have that down, all you have to do with your picking hand is avoid hitting the low E-string. It doesn't sound terrible if you hit it, but it's definitely better without it.

Now let's practice the blues riff in A together. I'll count us in and then we'll play through it slowly. Feel free to just watch and listen first if you prefer.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Blues Riff #1
Any Style
Moving Blues Riff To A song notation

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Questions & Answers

1 week ago
does the index finger depress the A string at the same time as the ring finger depresses the A string.? It doesn't look like Ander' index finger moves. Thanks!
Mike Olekshy 4 days ago

Hello - thanks so much for your question! You are correct, it does not appear that Anders moves the index finger - he keeps holding that note on the 2nd fret of the A string. However, if you find it easier to lift that note when going for the note on the 4th fret of the A string, that is totally okay!