The One-Finger G Major Chord

Now let's check out a chord that uses only one fretted note. Start out by playing the open E-minor chord from the previous lesson. The only thing that changes now is that we'll add a fretted note in the 3rd fret of the high E-string.

I'm using my ring finger, and I'd recommend you try for that as well. But in a pinch you could also use your index or middle finger instead. Remember to be right up against the fret. This is a G major chord! Major chords are a type of chords, that most of us describe as more happy sounding.

With this chord you could play all of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat'.

I'm still just strumming with my thumb, but again you can use your index finger or even a pick if you're already using that. Just make sure you start on the G-string and go gently towards the floor from there. Also here, you can also play the notes one at a time. That's a pretty sound!

Anders Mouridsen
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The One-Finger G Major Chord song notation