Common Country Chord Progression #1

Now that you know the two most common versions of barre chords, let's use them to play through our common country chord progressions from the previous chapter. The first common chord progression we had went G G D D D D G G. Now we'll find the barre chords we need for this, practice the progression with the metronome and finally play through it with the backing track.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
2 and 4 Barre Chords in Country
Common Country Chord Progression #1 song notation

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Questions & Answers

I'm having a hard time with barring all six strings with my left index finger. I practiced, off and on, for several hours and all I have is a sore index knuckle and muted B and Low E strings. Is it acceptable to do all of my barre chords on the A string, while working on barring all six? 2 months ago
Mike Olekshy 1 month ago

Hello - thanks so much for your question. Yes it is acceptable to do that! As you mentioned, you'll want to keep working on the 6 string barre chords too.