Strumming Front Porch Practice

One of the trickiest things about learning guitar is that everyone progresses differently; certain things come naturally and effortlessly, while other things are much harder. And those things are different for every student! So it's important to have a way to work on the things that may be causing trouble for you within this course. And one of the greatest tools we have available for that is called a "metronome", and all that does is provide a steady rhythm that you can adjust and use in a million different ways. In this lesson I'll show you some simple ways to work on your strumming technique with a metronome.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and that you feel like you've gotten a good grip of our basic country strumming pattern. Cause again, strumming on an acoustic guitar is the backbone of country music, and if you get good at that, it can take you incredibly far. Country music is all about the singer and the story he or she is telling and an acoustic guitar is the perfect, basic accompaniment for that. Everything else that happens in the rest of the band is merely ornamentation. Have fun with it!

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Basic Country Strumming
Strumming Front Porch Practice song notation

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