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First let's explore the different parts that this guitar amp is made up of, and just talk through the layout of it all.

You can see that the actual amplifier is up at the top and then the speakers are integrated down below. When the speakers and the amp and integrated in one unit like this, we call it a combo amp, as opposed to a separate amplifier (or head as it's often called) and speaker cabinet.

This particular amp has 4 10 inch speaker units. But speaker units come in many different sizes and configurations and they all have different tonal characteristics.

You can also see that it has two different channels with two different inputs for each channel. This originally meant that two guitar players or another instrument could play through it at the same time. No one really does that anymore, but the two channels can still be good to have. They also have different features, which we'll come back to in a later lesson.

This is a tube amp, which is the most popular choice for guitar amps, even though the technology technically is way outdated, impractical and expensive. But to most people tubes just sounds better than any of the alternatives out there!

But that being said it is absolutely possible to get non-tube and digital amps that sound great, and no one needs to go out and buy a tube amp before they're able to get whatever amp they have right now to sound great. And then once you sound great on the gear you have, that's when it makes sense to upgrade! But until then it's all about training your ears and your fingers!

Tube amps are also a little tricky to turn on and off. When you look in the back here you can see that you have two switches: standby and on/off. Tube amps need to warm up for a while before they sound their best, so the standby switch is a way to mute the amp so it's not buzzing and making sound while you're on your break, without having to turn it off completely and let the tubes cool down.

When you turn it on, you first flip the on/off switch. Then you wait for a little bit and flip the standby switch. This is to prolong the life of the Tubes in your amp.

Same thing in reverse, when you turn it off, flip the standby, wait for a little bit and then turn it off completely.

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