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Arpeggios in Country

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So far we've been using a basic 8th note-based groove. This groove is extremely common in Country, but you do also hear other grooves or "time signatures" from time to time. In this lesson I'm going to show you an example of a different type of groove, where you basically count to 3 instead of 4. I'm sure you'll recognize the sound of it.

I hope you've had a ton of fun with all these new examples, tricks and tools. Arpeggiation is a simple technique, but it can be hard to master because of the somewhat complicated right hand work involved. You have to be able to change picking direction within the patterns and skip strings. It also puts your left hand work to the test, because you'll hear clearly if a note in the chord isn't fretted right. But that's all part of making you a better guitar player. So don't be frustrated. Just keep at it!

And within all these technical challenges, never forget that the ultimate goal here is to come up with parts that help create a solid foundation for the song. Have fun with it!

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Arpeggios in Country