Country Chord Practice Tune

Now it's time to breakdown and play through a simple practice tune that uses all the different chords we've rehearsed in this tutorial. Country songs are typically very simple harmonically and stay in just one key- many of them using just 3 chords for a whole song. But for this tutorial we'll make sure to get them all in there, just for the sake of practicing each of them and their transitions.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Common Country Chords
Country Chord Practice Tune song notation
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Country Chord Practice Tune By Anders Mouridsen

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Questions & Answers

At 4:35 in this video, what does the chord in parentheses mean? Also, I don't understand where the B7 comes in, it seems like it would be E, E (parentheses) then B7 but i doesn't look like he is playing that way. 5 months ago
Mike Olekshy 4 months ago

Hello tbomski! Thanks for your question. When you see a chord (or notes) in parentheses, it means they are held over into the next barre. So in this case, the E chord is strummed in bar 3, but is held over through bar 4. Now you see the colon symbol at the end of bar 4 - that means to go back to the beginning and repeat bars 1 and 2, but this time, skip to bar 5 and strum the B7 chord. You will let that chord strum ring out over bar 6.