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Pedal Steel Sounds

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I'll be using the same basic electric country tone for this tutorial as I did in the previous. Just my Fender Telecaster on the bridge pickup going straight into a modeled version of a small Fender tube amp. For this technique it can sound nice to add some more reverb, but it's always a great idea to wait on that until you fully master the techniques.

Another cool trick you can play with, once you've fully mastered the basic techniques, is to roll down the volume on your guitar, strike a chord or one of pedal steel licks that you'll learn and then turn up the volume (show w/ basic chord). This creates a cool "swell" that works perfectly for the pedal steel sound. You can also do it with your tone knob and get some cool sounds out of that (Show!). Just remember to fully master the technical elements before you let yourself get distracted by this.

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Pedal Steel Sounds