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You're already familiar with the steel-string acoustic guitars, and you know that they sound great for Country strumming. This is by far the most common type of acoustic sound used in country, but you do also encounter the Classical, Nylon String acoustics from time to time, so in this lesson I'll demo that for you and show how it can be used in country.

I hope this tutorial has opened your eyes to some of the different guitar sounds you hear in Country music. As always, it's extremely important to not think you have to go out and get a bunch of gear right now, because there's still so much left to do with whatever instrument you're holding in your hands right now. Until you're fully maximizing this instrument, it makes no sense to go out and buy new equipment. Focus all of your efforts on training your ears and your fingers for now, and then you'll get to the gear when you're ready for it. Have fun with it!

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