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As always you just need an acoustic guitar with 6 strings and a pick for this tutorial. If you are playing a steel string acoustic like I do, it is worth noting that some acoustic guitars are harder to play than others. Especially old steel-string acoustics can be tricky. This is because the neck has often slowly bent over the years, so that strings are very high off of the fretboard. This means you have to press down harder to get the note fretted right! If that is the case on your guitar, you can always experiment with putting lighter strings on it. I have 12's on this guitar, which is a fairly normal thickness, but you can go as low as 10's or 11's and that might help. Alternatively you can take your guitar to a shop for professional setup. Because beyond changing the strings, I don't recommend adjusting acoustic guitars on your own unless you really know what you're doing.

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