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Pedal Steel Lead

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In this lesson we'll try mixing in the pedal steel patterns with your regular country vocabulary and improvise with it all over the backing track.

Now this is a lot of vocabulary to work with, but make sure you take your time with each of these patterns. It's better to go back and repeat the jam a couple of times in order to get to it all, rather than rushing it within your solos.

I hope this tutorial has made you realize what an authentic and soulful sound the pedal steel licks can bring to your country lead playing. This is really where your bending technique gets put to the test, but remember that almost no matter what kind of music you end up playing down the line, you can be almost entirely sure that bending is a crucial part of it. So use this time to really get in there and work up a solid bending technique that you can count on for the rest of your guitar playing adventure. Have fun with it!

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Pedal Steel Lead