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Root-Chord Strumming

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Now that we've played through the root-chord practice tune, let's try changing it to a different key. We'll play the same basic tune, but now in the key of E. This is where understanding the numeric system comes in really handy. Because if you think of the chords as their functions (I, IV and V) instead of their actual names, it's really easy to change the key of a song!

I hope this tutorial has made you realize the power of root-chord strumming in country. Maybe you have it down already or maybe it still needs some work. But in any case, you always want to keep in mind that sometimes your skills will develop seamlessly, lesson by lesson and in that case you can just keep going with the videos. But other times you'll have to pause the flow and work a little extra on something that may be particularly tricky for you. It's only natural to hit some speed bumps along the way, but if you roll up your sleeves and really practice the examples of each tutorial you'll get there sooner than you think. Have fun with it!

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Root-Chord Strumming