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Triads, Triads and Triads!

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In the previous chapter you learned how to strip down your full chord voicings to just 3 notes at a time, and we explored how those "triads" can be used in different rhythm guitar parts. Now it's time to explore how those triads can be used a basic introduction to playing solos and lead parts in a Country context.

Although many lead parts in Country are a signature part of the song and therefore played the same every time, it's also very common that country lead parts made up on the spot. Most often you have a basic idea of what notes and ideas you're going to use and then you spontaneously play around with that. Just like in real life, this concept is called "improvisation", and it's a very important part of lead playing. We'll take it nice and slow here at first. Let's get started!

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Triads, Triads and Triads!