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On The Pentatonic Trail

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I'll be using a Telecaster which is a classic electric guitar choice for Country music, but remember that you can use any kind of electric guitar for these examples. You can even learn the techniques on an acoustic if that's all you have, and then upgrade down the line. I'll be on the bridge pickup with a little bit of reverb. For this tutorial I have turned up the volume of my amp a little bit, so that I get a tiny bit of the effect that's called overdrive. This effect can be nice for single notes, but it's very important that you don't add too much- cause then it's going to sound like rock!

You can get overdrive from turning up a tube amp, but if you want to avoid playing too loud you can instead use a stomp box pedal to get the effect. But it's very important that if you add any overdrive at all, it can't be noticeable.

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On The Pentatonic Trail