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Root/5 Barre Chords In Country

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Now it's time to use all of these new barre chord rhythm techniques in a practice tune. As always we'll have 3 sections in this practice: an intro, that we'll reuse as the outro, an A-section or a "verse" and a B-section or a "chorus". Once we've gone through the different sections, we'll practice each of them slowly with the metronome and finally play through the whole thing with the backing track.

I hope you're starting to get a good idea of how barre chords can be used in a country context. Notice that the basic barre chords are mostly like a foundation that we build all of these cool rhythm country parts on. There's nothing wrong with just playing the basic chords, but at the same time there are a million cool rhythm guitar parts you can build off of those basic chord shapes. I know the basic barre chord shapes may still be pretty tough at this point, but please believe me when I say that if you stick to it they will eventually become second nature. And once again, I can guarantee you that they're worth the hard work. Have fun with it!

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Root/5 Barre Chords In Country