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Common Country Chords

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Now it's time to add a 3rd chord to the mix. This is the classic D-chord, and after breaking it down, we'll throw it in with the G and C chord from the previous lesson. These 3 chords together form the relationship know as "I-IV-V". In this case G is our "I-chord", meaning that's the main key of the song that you often begin and end on. In a way you can say it sounds like "home" where you can end the song and have it feel resolved. C is the "IV-chord", which feels like poking your head out the door and looking around- like a slight departure from home. Then finally D- is the "V-chord", which sounds like turning around and heading home. It really leads to back to the I-chord. These numbers are derived from scale steps in the major scale, but you don't have to worry about that right now. Just learn the names "I-IV-V" and the effects that each one has.

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Common Country Chords