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Tic Toc Part 2

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For this tutorial I'll be using my Fender Telecaster on the bridge pickup going straight into a modeled version of a small Fender tube amp with a little bit of reverb. But as always, you can use any kind of guitar and amp combination for these examples- Just make sure you're on the bridge pickup, that your tone isn't overdriven or distorted... and that you have lots of treble in your tone.

I use a heavier pick for my electric playing, because I find that it gives me better control. I can use a lighter touch with this pick, and I do that most of the time, but I can also dig in really hard if I want to. If you use a thinner pick that can be harder to do. Finding the ideal pick for yourself is something that takes quite a bit of time and experimentation. I recommend buying a big sampler pack and trying out different sizes, shapes and thicknesses. The idea is not to be thinking about your pick while you're playing- that's when you know you found the right one!

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Tic Toc Part 2