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2 and 4 Barre Chords in Country

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For this tutorial you're going to need an electric guitar with 6 strings and a pick. I'll be using a Telecaster which is a classic electric guitar choice for Country music. But as always you can use any kind of electric guitar for these examples. You can even learn the techniques on an acoustic if that's all you have, and then upgrade down the line.

The telecaster has two pickups- one close to the neck which has a warm and soft tone. The other one is back by the bridge and has a bright and nasaly tone. The tone of a telecaster on the bridge pickup is a classic trademark of Country, and that's what I'll be using for this examples. You can also engage both pickups by placing the pickup selector in the middle. That's another great sound, but it's not as typical in Country as the bridge pickup by itself. Other than that we just have our overall volume control and overall tone control. I usually leave both of these all the way up at all times, but some people like to experiment with them.

I'm running this guitar straight into a digitally simulated version of a Fender amplifier. This particular model of amplifier or "amp" would be similar to a small tube amp like the "Fender Princeton" for example, but you can use any kind of amp for these examples. The most important thing for your basic electric country tone is that you're on the bridge pickup and your tone isn't overdriven or distorted!

Finally I'm adding a tiny bit of reverb, but you don't need this. And if you do have it, you wanna be very careful not to add too much.

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2 and 4 Barre Chords in Country