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2 and 4 Barre Chords in Country

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Now that you're familiar with the basic foundation that most country songs are built on, which is the acoustic guitar strumming chords, it's time start exploring how an electric guitar might compliment these basic parts. Although the electric and acoustic guitars are similar in many ways, the roles they play within the band are very different. The acoustic guitar covers the basic harmony, so the electric guitar is actually more of a rhythm instrument in this context.

One of the most important tools to master on the electric guitar is also the most notorious for being hard, which is barre chords! But I believe that one of the main reasons people struggle with barre chords in the beginning is that they start out learning them on acoustic guitar and try to use them like the open chords. That is definitely one of the goals down the road, but you don't have to start there! So in this tutorial we're going to ease your way into using barre chords in a country context, by playing them on electric (which is typically easier than on acoustic) and also making them short and more rhythmic instead of long and held out.

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2 and 4 Barre Chords in Country