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2 and 4 Barre Chords in Country

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Now let's take the final country chord progression from the previous chapter and once again play it with barre chords on beats 2 and 4. This chord progression was based on a 16 bar cycle going G G C C G G D D G G C C G D G G. Now we'll find the barre chords we need for this, practice the progression with the metronome and finally play through it with the backing track.

I know barre chords are hard for any guitar player who's first starting out, but I can guarantee you that they're 110% worth the hard work! Think about it; if you learn to master just one of the two shapes we've explored in this tutorial you can literally play all 12 major chords, simply by learning the names of the notes on the low E-string. And with a few simple modifications that same chord shape can be made into a minor chord or 7-chord and the possibilities are endless. So make sure you take the time to really work on these examples, but also remember that we'll use barre chords much more in the rest of this course, so this is not your last chance to get it down. Just keep at it and always remember to have fun!

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2 and 4 Barre Chords in Country