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Adding Melody Lines

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Now it's time to break down and play through a little practice tune that incorporates all these new tricks and techniques. For this practice tune we'll pick a new key, use the V-chord intro and our 12 bar country chord progression. Then we'll add all of our walk-ups, walk-downs and the new lick to it and finally play through it all with a backing track.

I hope you've had a lot of fun with all these new tools. It's pretty simple vocabulary, but if you use it tastefully it can be incredibly powerful. There are a million variations for each of these examples, but if you know the most basic versions and understand how to use them, it'll be easy to pick up the variations along the way. Just remember that Country music is ultimately about the singer and the lyrics, so all of these tools have to be used to support that. Have fun with it!

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Adding Melody Lines