Strumming Gear and Tone: Spurs, Picks and Steel Strings

Anytime you want to learn to play a certain style of music it's extremely important to remember that at least 90% of the sound comes down to how you play and and what you play. Not which guitar you play it on, or which amp or pedals you run it through! Using the right gear and tone can be great down the line, but when you're first starting out there's so much to be learned that you really shouldn't worry about those last 10% until you've gotten all the basic skills down. You can learn all the material on any instrument, and then you can always upgrade or change it down the line. So make sure to always keep that in mind every time we're talking about gear and tone in these tutorials!

For this tutorial you just need a pick and a guitar. It can be a steel-string acoustic like the one I'm using today, which is going to get you the most authentic country sound, but it could also be a classical guitar with nylon strings or even an electric with a clean tone. Cause again, you can learn the material on any guitar, and then you can always upgrade or change it down the line. And when it comes time to upgrade there are companies that make great steel-string acoustics for just a couple of hundred bucks.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Basic Country Strumming

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