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Country Finger Picking

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In this lesson we'll explore the most basic version of a finger picking pattern, applied to an A minor chord.

Grab an A minor chord and let's focus on the middle 4 strings for now. Ultimately you can apply this pattern to almost any combination of strings, but for right now let's hone in on these 4: A- D- G- and B-.

Now we're going to consider the A- and B-string the outside strings, just because they're physically on the outside of the 4 string combination.

The D- and G-string will be the inside strings.

We're going to pick the B-string with our 2nd finger, the G-string with your 1st finger and both the A- and D-string with our thumb.

I like to rest my 3rd and 4th finger on the pick guard for support, but that's completely optional!

Now let's piece together the pattern bit by bit!

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Country Finger Picking