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Country Finger Picking

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So as you can see, I'm back to the steel-string acoustic guitar for this tutorial, but don't worry if you'd rather stay on your electric, because the examples will work on that as well. Just make sure you're using a bright and clean tone.

When you're playing acoustic guitar in a small room or around a campfire you typically don't need any amplification, but if you want to perform for more than a handful of people you'll most like need some kind of amplification. I have a built-in system so I can plug in my acoustic to a sound system and have a decent representation of the original sound come through the speakers.

However, you don't need this until you want to play live. If you just want to record your acoustic guitar, you're better off with a microphone instead! Microphones often sound better than the built-in systems, but they're not as reliable when you use them on a stage. So to sum it up: nothing but the guitar for the living room and yourself, a microphone for recording and a built-in system for the stage.

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Country Finger Picking