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Tic Toc Part 1

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I'll be using the same basic electric country tone for this tutorial as I did in the previous. Just my Fender Telecaster on the bridge pickup going straight into a modeled version of a small Fender tube amp with a little bit of reverb. Whenever you play country you want to make sure your tone is very "bright", which means that it has lots of the higher frequencies, also called "treble"! On most amps there is some kind of treble knob, although it may sometimes be labeled by a different name, like "High's" for example. Experiment with this knob and turn it up to just before it gets painful to listen to! If you have a bass knob as well, you can experiment with turning that down. If you get too little bass in your tone it ends up sounding like it's coming through an old radio. So turn it down until that happens and then come up a little bit from that!

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Tic Toc Part 1