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Must-Know Classic Country Effects Pedals

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In this tutorial we're going to explore some useful effects that I'm sure you'll recognize the sound of when you hear them. The first one is use the volume pedal, which can be used to further imitate the pedal steel guitar. The other one is compression, which is one of the most transparent and yet most commonly used effects in Country. Finally we'll check out what's probably the most drastic sounding effect used in Country, which is the classic "Phaser".

And as always I have to remind you that the purpose of these lessons is solely to educate you on the different sounds you hear on Country records, not to encourage you to go out and buy a bunch of gear. Because we're still just getting started on all the sounds you can get out of your fingers! And not until you're further along with that should you consider buying a bunch of new gear. But it is very useful to start developing your ear and your personal taste in this area, so let's get started!

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Must-Know Classic Country Effects Pedals