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Country Chord Licks

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I'll be using the same basic electric country tone for this tutorial as I did in the previous. Just my Fender Telecaster on the bridge pickup going straight into a modeled version of a small Fender tube amp with a little bit of reverb added.

For this tutorial, however, I'm going to turn up the volume of the amp a little bit in order to get some more overdrive. This only works because I'm using modeling software and can therefore turn down the master volume of it all! If I had an actual amp in the room it would get too loud and I would have to use an overdrive pedal instead. If you do use an overdrive pedal make sure that you don't use too much overdrive! Play an open G-chord and make sure you can clearly hear each of the notes in the chord. And as always, it's better to have too little overdrive than too much.

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Country Chord Licks