Easy Bending Practice Exercises

You can most likely get through some basic whole and half step bending without the greatest bending technique. But once you start getting into the more advanced bending - like the techniques that we've explored in this tutorial - you need a really solid bending technique. So in this lesson I'm going to show you how you can work on this with a metronome.

I hope this tutorial has opened your eyes to the world of possibilities that bending can offer. Each of these techniques could be a whole tutorial on their own! Anytime you want to come up with new licks or ideas, come back and revisit these techniques, and I'm confident they won't fail to inspire you. You can always try to bend up from any note and see what you find; try a half, a whole, one and a half or two whole steps, and go where the inspiration takes you after that. Have fun with it!

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Boost Your Rock Bending!

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