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Developing a Solid Rhythmic Feel

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Throughout this curriculum you've learned a ton of tools, tricks, techniques and approaches, and hopefully you already feel like you have a pretty substantial toolbox to work with. This toolbox should always grow and you should always strive to learn new things.

But it's also important to sometimes temporarily stop taking in new things and instead focus on maximizing your use of the tools you already know. This has to do with playing with great rhythm and groove, applying the right "feel" to the things you play, making good decisions, and so on. Those are some of the concepts we'll explore in this chapter!

So in this first tutorial we're going to work on your "rhythmic feel" with metronomes, backing tracks, and records. A good rhythmic feel is one of the most important things you need for playing great rock guitar, so make sure to give all these exercises everything you've got. Let's get started!

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Developing a Solid Rhythmic Feel