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Making Good Decisions

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So now let's check out what all that sounds like with the backing track. First I'll demonstrate what the whole thing sounds like, and then after that it'll be your turn to try.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, and that it has made you realize how you need to approach all the different tools you have in your tool box. Because there's no chord, lick or sound that works the same in every context. As frustrating as that can sometimes be, it's also inspiring to know that no matter how much or how little you may know, you can be a great musician by being good at making those kinds of judgements.

Playing music is like having a good conversation with your band mates and with the audience. Everything you say/play has to be relevant, further the conversation, and add to it. And the better you get at thinking like that and translating it into musical decisions (like we've done in this tutorial) the more people will enjoy playing with you and listening to you, and the more you'll enjoy playing as well. Have fun with it!

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Making Good Decisions