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Making Good Decisions

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No matter how few or how many different guitars, amps, pedals, chords, licks and tricks you have under your belt, the real challenge as a musician lies in how and when you choose to use it all! Other instruments have to make those kinds of decisions too, but the guitar is a versatile instrument with so many different potential sounds that making good decisions when you play is one of the most important factors in becoming a great guitar player.

If you make good decisions when you play, people will love playing with you and listening to you, almost regardless of how much or how much or little you may know. So in this tutorial we're going to explore this concept by composing an elaborate practice from from just two basic chord progressions: one for the verse and one for the chorus. This could be similar to what a songwriter may bring to a rehearsal with the band. From thereon we'll use some good musical decision making to come up with cool and effective lead and rhythm parts for the different sections, and we'll also add an intro and an outro riff as well as a solo section. Let's get started!

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Making Good Decisions