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Flash Licks: Shortcuts to Speed!

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Although these flash licks are easier than they sound, they still require a great deal of finesse and technique, so in this lesson I'm going to show how you can use a metronome to work on it all.

I hope you've had fun with these licks and tricks. It can be really fun to throw in some of these flash licks for the climax of a solo for example. Just remember that these tools are no different than any of the other ones we've covered in this course; if you like the sound, use it.

If you don't, try for a bit in order to give it a fair chance, and then move on to something else if you still don't like it. Some people can say more with one note than others can with 10, so that's perfectly okay as well. Always keep that in mind, when you're experimenting with the faster lead sounds. Have fun with all of it!

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Flash Licks: Shortcuts to Speed!