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Mix and Match Styles

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Now it's time to play through this whole practice tune up to speed with the backing track. Remember that it's always a good idea to just watch and listen a couple of times before you start playing along yourself!

I hope this tutorial has made you realize how you can learn from the classic styles and then break it all apart and use the different elements to define your own sound. Don't be scared of breaking all the rules to see what happens; if you don't try to mix the southern rock with the outer space sounds, then how will you know if it sounds good or not? Maybe you can manage to fuse two or more styles that no one has ever fused before.

By always experimenting freely and being aware of what you like and don't like, you'll eventually develop your own sound and style. But remember that this is not something that happens overnight, it takes years of simultaneous learning and experimenting. But being fearless and playful is the only way to get there. Have fun with it!

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Mix and Match Styles